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Monday, 15 June 2009

Under Construction 2 - D&AD -New Blood


Saturday, 13 June 2009

Digital Workshops + Digital Experiments

1)Research & Experimental Development work :

Defining a recordset in dreamweaver

Creating a database connection in Dreamweaver

How to create Database & Tables using PhpMyAdmin

Creating a database connection

Setting Up a Testing Server in Dreamweaver

Creating & Hosting MySQL Databases

[VIDEO] Uploading Your Website with Dreamweaver

[VIDEO] Creating a Form in Dreamweaver

Creating Tables in Dreamweaver

more links:

Live Projects:
1) Afira:


2) Examples of materials from tutorials:



Create user / log in page

note: the last 2 screen shots are examples of using PhPmyAdmin to create & manage the database.

3) Examples of materials from own projects/experiments:

Packaging an elephant:

My E-portfolio:

Dystopia Style sheets(typographic website) -using CSS :

4) A functioning site to be created on a domain:

NOTE: to see all images in details click here

Other Resources :

notes -- > very understandable visuals ---> used as a handouts:

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