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Monday, 25 May 2009

Changing / Customizing Wordpress Theme

Now, my blog is ready to be customized. Luckily, Worpdpress has developed professional wordpress themes and provided efficient support of their templates that are free & ready to be installed and edited.
Wordpress themes directory:
WordPress themes collections are with a graphical and textual preview available for each theme & Sorted in search feature as well.
How to select a wordpress theme?
Using Themes ..
Wordpress Free themes
After many research, I found a portfolio theme that is free to use.
Basically, To install a theme I need to upload the theme folder into my wp-content/themes directory. Once a theme is uploaded, I'll see it on Themes page.

(Presentation Theme Panel)

By clicking on theme title it will preview the theme to activate it. By confirming the selection should immediately become active.

My Wordpress portfolio theme
sorry for my spelling.. i took the screen shots earlier..
Edited theme:

Final theme..

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