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Friday, 22 May 2009

"My Digital Space" research + experimental development


This website is a personal digital portfolio that contains a storyboards of all graphic motions.

The storyboards show the logo of clients that he worked with

This e-portfolio website lists all the designs in vertical way.. the client can navigate through by choosing the company name and click on the small blue arrows to see more images of the design.

This flash based e-portfolio is designed very well ...
The client can over his mouse over any link to display the storyboard of the movie/graphic motion/ ident/ TV ad and he can click on it to watch it..

The designer divided his work depending on his year of work on that company...

As he put details of his displayed files such as:
-the size of the file ..
-the duration of the clip..

The purpose of E-portfolio:

How to design/create your E-portfolio:

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