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Friday, 13 March 2009

iTV2 Experiment: After Effects: YES 4Motion Tracking, No 4Camera Tracking !

This experiment is for idea 1:
Reference ( idea 1)

I've took a footage for my friend in the park while we had our lunch, and i was thinking of experimenting the footage by adding elements around the first scene to make it more lively before zooming it & the growing elements start to grow around her with the logo >> as i planned before..

It roughed idea & done without a here is a closer look for the camera zoomed to my friend..

I adjusted the level of the colors and the light in After effects..Then I motion-tracked the shaky parts in the footage to make it more stabilized.. then i thought of turning a basic text into a 3D & apply it to my scene..

One of the things that AE can't do is tracking the camera in a 3 dimension..
So when my scene started to zoom into my friend ..the 3D text started to follow & moved along with the zoom...(the elements not sticked in the place where I placed them at the first scene)...

As you see here.. the texts that where in the front still at the front..

I really got disappointed with the result that AE has only offered to 3D..

As a result..I created a very simple 2D animation for the project..

When i showed to my friends today..they made a strange & funny comments...about my illustrations that I've done in a bad mood..bcz they really looked strange & completed not related to the project so.. I got back to my 3D thing again to win this battle..

Anyway, I searched the net for hours & found many complains about that issue..
Plus ..some companies took that advantage & developed software that can track the camera motion & import the Null tracks to AE !!
They really expensive & it's really time consuming when you want to finish a project & u stuck with a new software to learn how to use it !

Note: the program, i used is Boujou

The important feature that the program is aimed for is to create a accurate three-dimensional models in the image sequences taken with uncalibrated digital video and stills cameras which represent real-world scenes. It helps to create a track points for the camera movement around the object that you want to track.

I started with masking my friend and the objects that around her, then I motion-tracked the camera movement around her..the little blue dots will be used in AE, the yellow dots were the ones that I've fixed to create the 3D for my model.

As you see here, the dots identified to (y,x & z) dimensions that need to be fixed...

I picked dots from the 2D scene and connected it to the specified dimensions..

Here, I imported the tracked points in my real footage in AE.

I created a solid as my floor, then turned it to a 3D layer with a grid preset.

To check if the elements will stick on the 3D layer & won't move with the camera zoom, i created a text layer on the pre-Composed floor layer.

The text, sticked perfectly on the 3D layer.

Here are some screen shots from the footage, showing the text on the floor. The text is not following the camera zoom to my friend & it still on its place perfectly.
So...Yaaaaaay, I made it !!

User Interactions with "Music & Space"

"Imagine flying like a bird through a musical composition that surrounds you, immerses you and reacts to your presence."

" fly like a bird’ to navigate through a virtual space. Using NO worn equipment - just by flapping your arm/wings and tilting your arm and body – people can intuitively (and amusingly!) navigate freely in virtual space "

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Andrew Brooks : Photographer

My last trip to Manchester was such a luck for me (even with my illness that day) to see Andrew Brooks (great)photography work in D&AD exhibition...The way he used lighting, images and colors was really attractive & clever ...I couldn't get my eyes off from his photos ,
u can feed ur eyes and inspire ur brain by visiting his own website..
to visit his website :
{ click here }

Monday, 9 March 2009

Girlfriend in a Coma (novel) short video ---> last year work <3

Girlfriend in a coma (novel) short video from Amal FM on Vimeo.

This was my second short video animation project last year at uni.
The video is briefed (Girlfriend in Coma) novel in 2:30 min
It wasn't that good, and i handed it too late, but it's enough for me that my tutor was so proud of it that he showed it to the second and first year students :)

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Sunday, 8 March 2009

First Year- Old Work

D&AD (Pigsy In Space) project

Rotoscoping: painting/drawing over video, Frame by Frame

To create your own rotoscop animation in photoshop:

To work on a video: (this tutorial posted in Adobe TV)

Useful links:

Examples of Rotoscoping:

iTV2 ---> Storyboards

Here are my first storyboards and ideas for the project. I'm thinking of using the same actor for every ident which that will help to complete the idents as a set together.
1) "Park/Make up" concept:

I think this concept will suit the morning time, for make up/fashion/women programs. This idea is based on a real footage that could be filmed on a public park. The actor could be my friend , in case that no one will act this part , then I'll create (somehow) my own character.

1) A girl set on a chair in a public park.
The camera will zoom into her.

2) The girl open her bag and get her make up.
The camera will zoom into her more closely.

3) She put make up on her face and looking at her small mirror.

4) She looks satisfied of her final look.
Fashion/elements will grow from the background around her & reach the logo.

The elements could be lipstick image for example, or other make up things that could be scanned and edited to used in the footage.

2) "Friends" Concept:

This concept will suite afternoon time, for family/friends shows or programs. This idea also will be based on a real footage that could be filmed on college studio. Using the green screen will help to edit the background & make it white for example.
The actors will be my classmates, if they refuse then i'll threat them to do it for me :)

1) A boy sit on a sofa/chair holding his mobile/laptop/magazine.

2) The other 2 friends will come and join him.

3) The friends will look to what he is holding in his hand, then laughing or talking with a smile.
the camera will zoom to them closely. (i forgot to draw the logo, but diffidently, it will be there at the top)

4) The friends hold each other shoulders and smile to the camera.
Again, sharing devices or growing elements will be at the back & reach the logo at top.

3) "Library" Concept:

This concept will suit the evening time, for educational/ documentary programs. This idea will be based on a real footage that could be filmed in our college library. Of course one of the threatened actors will play this part for me.

1) A boy/ girl reading at the library.

2) Then she/he stand up to look for another book.
the camera will zoom out.

3) She/he looks for a book.

4) Find a book and get back to reading again.
Growing elements will be growing from his head to the logo.

4) "Music/DJ" Concept:

This concept will suit weekends, for entertainment/music programs. This idea will be based on still images. The boy/ girl photograph will be taken for a DJ friend.

1) A boy/girl image at the right corner of the screen, with his/her DJ stuff. At the left there will be animated sound visualizer.

2) Growing elements will start growing from the visualizer.

3) Plants/ colorful flowers other elements continue growing to the logo direction.

4) The elements reach the logo.

5) "Shopping" Concept:

This concept will suit weekends too, for new market/products show.
It will be based on a real footage. The actor will be the same girl for other concepts.

1) A girl looks at herself into a mirror holding a dress.
The camera will zoom out slowly.

2) The girl takes another dress to try it out on her at the mirror.

3) The camera still zooms out, the girl still looks at herself and trying the dress on her.

4) The girl take another dress from the clothes holder, at the same time small masked patterns will grow on the back (on the wall to the logo direction).

6) "Computer/TV" Concept:

This concept will suit night time, for shows.
It will be based on a real footage in my room, the actor will be my sister.

1) The first scene will show the computer/TV and an empty chair.
The camera zooms out.

2) My sis comes over & move the chair to her direction to sit on it

3) She sit on the chair and continue watching what's on the screen (a movie/ or a show).
The camera zooms in.

4) The last scene shows her face enjoying the show. Again, elements will grow at the back from both sides to the logo.

YCN project --> ( iTV2 ) --> ideas & brainstorm

I decided to do (iTV2) for (YCN) projects..

I've watched (youtubed) the new iTV2 idents :

and brainstormed all the ideas that this project would have & visited iTV2 main website to look through their main programs times through the whole week.

Here i pointed the main ideas fro iTV2 project:

I listed the most common things that typical 24 years old (boy/girl) would do in their lives:

Put myself in 24 yrs position & place it in my real life, i divided the week by what I really do through it to get the main idea/concept to develop it later as an ident. So, as it shows below, I divided the week into 3 main keys:

[ Studying, Working & Weekend ] , After that I thought about the main activities/things that do happen there to find the related/common keys/themes for the project.
The 4 generated concepts are [ Activities, Relationships, Places & Free Time ]..
I gave them the possible ramose ideas for each one:

The sketches and storyboards that I've end up , will be posted in the next post in this blog.

Implementing my final ideas will be a combination of using video footage & animation together as I showed it here:

I think the animated still images will work perfect with video, or use only animated still images with scanned/animated elements will also give awesome outcome.
Here are some examples of this combination:

Nike - Giantkillers from Kate Dawkins on Vimeo.

Viral for the FA Cup 2nd Round.
The players are made out of newsprint headlines and text, announcing the shock win by the underdog team.

Mini Pringles - Moment from Kate Dawkins on Vimeo.

TV Advertising Campaign

The whole commercial was made from stills, resourced from Getty Images.

Virgin Media Promo from Threefold on Vimeo.

Sting for Virgin 1, animated from various film stills. Aired June 08.


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