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Sunday, 8 March 2009

YCN project --> ( iTV2 ) --> ideas & brainstorm

I decided to do (iTV2) for (YCN) projects..

I've watched (youtubed) the new iTV2 idents :

and brainstormed all the ideas that this project would have & visited iTV2 main website to look through their main programs times through the whole week.

Here i pointed the main ideas fro iTV2 project:

I listed the most common things that typical 24 years old (boy/girl) would do in their lives:

Put myself in 24 yrs position & place it in my real life, i divided the week by what I really do through it to get the main idea/concept to develop it later as an ident. So, as it shows below, I divided the week into 3 main keys:

[ Studying, Working & Weekend ] , After that I thought about the main activities/things that do happen there to find the related/common keys/themes for the project.
The 4 generated concepts are [ Activities, Relationships, Places & Free Time ]..
I gave them the possible ramose ideas for each one:

The sketches and storyboards that I've end up , will be posted in the next post in this blog.

Implementing my final ideas will be a combination of using video footage & animation together as I showed it here:

I think the animated still images will work perfect with video, or use only animated still images with scanned/animated elements will also give awesome outcome.
Here are some examples of this combination:

Nike - Giantkillers from Kate Dawkins on Vimeo.

Viral for the FA Cup 2nd Round.
The players are made out of newsprint headlines and text, announcing the shock win by the underdog team.

Mini Pringles - Moment from Kate Dawkins on Vimeo.

TV Advertising Campaign

The whole commercial was made from stills, resourced from Getty Images.

Virgin Media Promo from Threefold on Vimeo.

Sting for Virgin 1, animated from various film stills. Aired June 08.

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