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Friday, 13 March 2009

iTV2 Experiment: After Effects: YES 4Motion Tracking, No 4Camera Tracking !

This experiment is for idea 1:
Reference ( idea 1)

I've took a footage for my friend in the park while we had our lunch, and i was thinking of experimenting the footage by adding elements around the first scene to make it more lively before zooming it & the growing elements start to grow around her with the logo >> as i planned before..

It roughed idea & done without a here is a closer look for the camera zoomed to my friend..

I adjusted the level of the colors and the light in After effects..Then I motion-tracked the shaky parts in the footage to make it more stabilized.. then i thought of turning a basic text into a 3D & apply it to my scene..

One of the things that AE can't do is tracking the camera in a 3 dimension..
So when my scene started to zoom into my friend ..the 3D text started to follow & moved along with the zoom...(the elements not sticked in the place where I placed them at the first scene)...

As you see here.. the texts that where in the front still at the front..

I really got disappointed with the result that AE has only offered to 3D..

As a result..I created a very simple 2D animation for the project..

When i showed to my friends today..they made a strange & funny comments...about my illustrations that I've done in a bad mood..bcz they really looked strange & completed not related to the project so.. I got back to my 3D thing again to win this battle..

Anyway, I searched the net for hours & found many complains about that issue..
Plus ..some companies took that advantage & developed software that can track the camera motion & import the Null tracks to AE !!
They really expensive & it's really time consuming when you want to finish a project & u stuck with a new software to learn how to use it !

Note: the program, i used is Boujou

The important feature that the program is aimed for is to create a accurate three-dimensional models in the image sequences taken with uncalibrated digital video and stills cameras which represent real-world scenes. It helps to create a track points for the camera movement around the object that you want to track.

I started with masking my friend and the objects that around her, then I motion-tracked the camera movement around her..the little blue dots will be used in AE, the yellow dots were the ones that I've fixed to create the 3D for my model.

As you see here, the dots identified to (y,x & z) dimensions that need to be fixed...

I picked dots from the 2D scene and connected it to the specified dimensions..

Here, I imported the tracked points in my real footage in AE.

I created a solid as my floor, then turned it to a 3D layer with a grid preset.

To check if the elements will stick on the 3D layer & won't move with the camera zoom, i created a text layer on the pre-Composed floor layer.

The text, sticked perfectly on the 3D layer.

Here are some screen shots from the footage, showing the text on the floor. The text is not following the camera zoom to my friend & it still on its place perfectly.
So...Yaaaaaay, I made it !!

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